The AA-2.0 RVE Series is our entry level line up for subwoofers and our preferred line for dealers. The AA-2.0 RVE was designed for 300w rms per driver. The versatility of these drivers are perfect in sealed and ported applications and the affordable price tag means they’ll work in any size build. The frame is cast aluminum with a sandblasted, powder coat finish. A durable 2” copper coil in the motor reduces energy storage from inductance, with the side benefit of lowering distortion for “faster” response.

Technical Specs

  • 300w RMS
  • 4 layer 2 inch copper coil
  • Dual medium spiders
  • Sewn leads
  • Pressed paper cone
  • Butyl rubber surround
  • D2 or D4

T/S Specs

SpecificationsAA-2.0″ 10 D2AA-2.0″ 10 D4
RE (ohms)3.85.8
FS (Hz)36.836.2
Vas (L)19.920.4
Le (mH)2.173.27
BL (NA)15.918.3
Mms (Grams)143.5144.8
Cms (uM/N)4.560.13
Sens (1w/1m)84.884.1
Displacement0.09 ft^30.09 ft^3
Ported Enclosure ^31 – 1.2 @ 34 – 38hz1 – 1.2 @ 34 – 38hz

Customer Installs