The AA-2.5 RVE Series is our newest line up for subwoofers and all built in house. The AA-2.5 RVE was designed for 800w rms per driver. The lead wires are formed into the spider layers which further enhances durability and eliminates lead slap/breakage problems. The frame is cast aluminum with a sandblasted, powder coat finish. A large 2.5” copper coil in the motor reduces energy storage from inductance, with the side benefit of lowering distortion for “faster” response.

Technical Specs

  • 800w RMS
  • 4 layer 2 1/2 inch copper coil
  • Dual medium spiders
  • Sewn leads
  • Pressed paper cone
  • Butyl rubber surround
  • D2 or D4

T/S Specs

SpecificationsAA-2.5 8″ D2AA-2.5 8″ D4
RE (ohms)47
FS (Hz)3937.4
Vas (L)66.4
Le (mH)3.014.46
BL (NA)20.825.4
Mms (Grams)157.7160.6
Cms (uM/N)0.110.11
Sens (1w/1m)81.880.9
Displacement0.1 ft^30.1 ft^3
Ported Enclosure ^3.7 – .75 @ 34 – 39hz.7 – .75 @ 34 – 39hz
Cutout Diameter7.3″7.3″
Overall Diameter8.7″8.7″
Mounting Depth6.8″6.8″

Customer Installs